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Family Practice Health Care Services for Children and Adults

We are a full-service family practice, from pregnancy through childhood and adulthood to maturity. Family Practice means comprehensive health care for the entire family by a physician who knows you and your family well.

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Well-Woman Care

Our annual "well-woman" exam addresses the whole person. The comprehensive exam includes a physical examination, breast and pelvic exams, laboratory tests, immunizations, counseling services and more.

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Pediatrics Care

Comprehensive check-ups of a child's physical, mental, and social well-being. During these visits, doctors will assess your child's overall health, growth and development, and provide immunizations to protect against illnesses.

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Preventative Care

Preventative care includes routine screenings for medical conditions like cholesterol, vision, or diabetes, and diagnosing and treating acute or chronic illnesses from common colds to chronic diseases by our physicians.

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Routine Physicals

The purpose of a routine physical is to assess an individual’s current health status while providing important insight into potential risks so they can make informed decisions regarding their long-term wellness.

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Pre-Conception & Gynecology

During these appointments, physicians assess medical history and risk factors, discuss lifestyle adjustments, fertility/conception support, and educate on topics like hormone levels and menstrual cycles.

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Sports Medicine

NFM physicians provide valuable care for athletes of all levels, from professional athletes to weekend warriors. They provide care for all athletes and tailor rehab plans with strength training and exercises to individual needs.

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Acute Care

Acute care offers urgent medical treatment for severe illnesses or injuries. Our doctors provide prompt diagnosis, treatment, and referrals to specialists as needed, ensuring personalized and comprehensive care.

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Chronic Disease Managment

Chronic disease management improves quality of life and prevents complications in long-term conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. We provide ongoing care, monitoring, and personalized treatment plans based on your needs.

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Mental Health Care

Mental healthcare manages emotional and psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. We provide screening, counseling, and therapy, and refer you to specialists as needed for proper care and support.

Ready to find your family's physician?

All of our physicians are board certified in Family Practice by The American Board of Family Practice. Additionally, all of our physicians have hospital privileges at Hoag Hospital.

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Let's Start by Saving You Time

Our goal is to foster an ongoing relationship with you and become your partner in health care. Please fill out our new patient intake form before your first visit. You can fill out the form online or print pdf and bring it in with you.

New Patient Form

Before you visit our office the first time, please print and fill out our Adult Patient Registration Form in advance. This helps us prepare for your visit.